six zero

Well there it is...the big 60

I've sewn a lot of things in those sixty years and loved every minute of the learning, the stitching, (and the cursed ripping lol) the sewing and the quilting!! So many things that I made I don't have photos of,,, who knew we would be in this digital age of blogging, digital photo saving, documenting what we do and love.

Oh well,,,I had better get my rear in gear and get my sew-jo back!!!  Oh it's been a horrible winter,,,ice and snow and winds and what seems like never ending dreary days, one after another.  Even now the end of March, which came in like a lion with a snow storm, it's trying to snow today!!  

I have been doing some "quiet sewing" on my treadle,,,the Mr. of the house works second shift.  I do love using her, and it fits in with the "Slow Stitching" that I enjoy so much.  And because it is quiet I have been knitting this past winter.  I don't know sometime I just get the itch to knit.  

I have ideas for some things I want to get started on,,,hoping an artisan blogger thing will happen,,,,and dreaming of warm sunny days ahead!! 

How was your winter ?

Until Next Time

Big Quilty Hugs




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