October is here...







Hi all!!  The summer flew by, I blinked and September was gone.  The fall flowers are in bloom, the leaves are turning, slowly but surely.  I have a few tomatoes still hanging on and ever so slowly ripening.  My rose is even trying to make the summer last with one last bloom!!  And that poor lonely Day Lily really makes me smile every time I walk by and see her smiling up at me.  The days are pleasantly warm but the evenings and mornings are crisp with that chill in the air.  Of course I love my morning coffee, actually I can't function without it, but I also enjoy my cuppa tea while I stitch away once the chill of autumn air nips at my fingers and nose.  I used to absolutely hate when autumn arrived, knowing that winter with all it's fury of cold and snow would soon follow, but now I'm kinda savoring it.  I look at it that winter = more sewing time!!

I've started a second clamshell quilt while relaxing in the evenings.  I hand sew them together with the applique method.  There a several ways to make these but I find this method works well for me.  I had been eyeing the clamshell quilts for a while but thought it would be to hard to do,,,,after finding Sue Daley's method (*her site is down as I write this-I will try to get it for when I do a Clamshell specific post*) I've become quite smitten and obsessed with them *wink*

And I finally got the Tshirt/memory quilt pieced together that I've been working on for my cousin's daughter.  I'm slowly piecing the borders together now,,,and I will have more about that later too! 

I hope you are enjoying October so far,,,,,,

Quilty Hugs


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